County Board of Education Member Self-Appraisal

Annually, each county board of education shall assess its performance using an instrument approved by the West Virginia State Board of Education (WVBE). The attached instrument was developed in consultation with the West Virginia School Board Association (WVSBA), supports research-based best practices for highly effective school boards, and meets the requirements set forth in W. Va. Code §18-5-1c and WVBE Policy 2322: West Virginia System of Support and Accountability.

WVBE Policy 2322 requires completion of a self-appraisal to demonstrate fulfillment of the Indicator of Efficiency for County Board of Education Effectiveness and will be used in determining the annual County Approval Status designation. The self-appraisal process requires county board of education members to reflect on the performance of the schools and county regarding the following: (1) dealing with various constituency groups and the general public; (2) providing a proper framework and governance strategies necessary to monitor and improve student achievement on a continuing basis; and (3) enhancing the effective utilization of a policy approach to governance. The process of self-evaluation and refection will assist county boards of education in developing the required public summary of collective findings and addressing any areas in which the board concludes improvement is warranted.

A summary of the collective results will be made available to the public and will be submitted to the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) by August 15 each year to be used in determining the annual County Approval Status designation. Each county board may choose to use the WVBE-approved self-appraisal instrument for the statutorily required, annual self-appraisal or adopt or create a different self-appraisal instrument and obtain WVBE approval prior to administering.

The Board of Education President or designee has the authority to generate the county template for other members to complete their self-appraisal. Click here to generate the 2023-2024 County Board of Education Member Self-Appraisal Template in Microsoft Forms.

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