Legislature Publications (Archived)

Howard O' Cull

Dr. Howard O'Cull

For over four decades, Dr. Howard O'Cull, "Retired" Executive Director held the distinguished role of authoring "The Legislature," a publication that served as an invaluable portal into the intricate world of government affairs, particularly with regard to public education in the state of West Virginia. Through his unwavering commitment and deep expertise, Dr. O'Cull transformed "The Legislature" into an indispensable resource that played a pivotal role in keeping boards of education and other school officials well-informed.

Dr. O'Cull's enduring legacy is profoundly interwoven with each publication of "The Legislature." His tireless dedication to the cause of public education in West Virginia is evident in every insight he shared through this medium. Throughout his tenure, Dr. O'Cull not only reported on legislative developments and policy changes but also went the extra mile to provide a comprehensive understanding of their implications for the educational landscape. His work went beyond mere reporting; it was a testament to his passion for nurturing and enhancing the state's educational system.

Dr. O'Cull's profound impact extended far beyond the pages of "The Legislature." He was a champion for transparent and informed decision-making in the realm of education. His publications were not just documents; they were beacons that illuminated the path toward a brighter future for West Virginia's students. The wealth of knowledge he imparted has left an indelible mark on the state's educational landscape, influencing countless educators, administrators, and policymakers over the years.

As we reflect on Dr. O'Cull's remarkable contributions to public education, we are reminded that his dedication, wisdom, and passion continue to inspire us all. His legacy is etched into the very fabric of West Virginia's educational history, and his tireless efforts to ensure well-informed governance will be remembered for generations to come. In every edition of "The Legislature," we find not only a window into government affairs but also a mirror reflecting the enduring spirit of Dr. Howard O'Cull's commitment to the betterment of education in the Mountain State.

The Legislature's last publication was released in June 2019 and has since been discontinued. Archived copies of the past nine years' publications are available below, containing the main content; however, the corresponding links are no longer accessible.