Chapter XI: School Facilities

An effective school facility goes beyond being a mere structure and plays a crucial role in supporting the evolving programs of educational delivery. It should prioritize creating a physical environment that is not only comfortable, safe, and secure, but also easily accessible and aesthetically pleasing. The school facility is an active participant in the educational process, as it significantly influences the learning conditions.

The layout and design of the facility have a profound impact on the experiences of students, educators, and community members. Depending on the quality of its design and management, the facility can foster a sense of ownership, safety, security, personalization, control, privacy, sociality, spaciousness, or overcrowding. Therefore, when undertaking the planning, designing, or management of a school facility, these aspects of the place experience should be taken into careful consideration.

By prioritizing the creation of an environment that embodies these principles, the school facility can enhance the educational experience for all stakeholders involved.