Chapter IX: School Personnel

Navigating West Virginia school personnel laws can pose significant challenges for districts. The complex and ever-changing nature of employment regulations requires school systems to stay informed and compliant to avoid legal pitfalls and potential litigation.

Keeping up with the extensive and constantly evolving array of personnel laws at the state and federal levels is a considerable challenge. County Boards must be aware of and adhere to laws related to hiring practices, wage and hour requirements, workplace safety, anti-discrimination measures, family and medical leave, employee benefits, and more. Personnel laws can be complex and subject to interpretation. Understanding the nuances and correctly applying the laws to various employment situations can be challenging. Districts may need legal guidance to interpret and apply these laws correctly. Failure to comply with personnel laws can lead to costly legal consequences.

Maintaining accurate and up-to-date records is essential to demonstrate compliance with personnel laws. Businesses must keep records related to employment contracts, time and attendance, payroll, leave, training, and performance evaluations.

Records Retention Laws Requires Personnel Files to be Retained for 50 Years!