Chapter III: School Board Effectiveness

West Virginia Standards for Effective Schools describe the seven common standards expected of schools to ensure high quality education in engaging learning environments. The research-based standards represent a coherent and aligned framework for continuous improvement which schools can use as a guide for self‑assessment, decision making, professional development, and strategic planning.

Clear and Focused Mission: The school’s purpose and approach to support learning for all. 

Instructional Leadership: Ensuring the effectiveness of instruction leads to student achievement. 

High Expectations for Success: Purposefully providing a climate in which all students can learn and succeed.  

Positive and Safe Environment: Orderly, purposeful, and accommodating of all students’ needs.   

Equitable Opportunities to Learn and Effective Instruction: Sufficient time for meaningful learning is provided to all students.  

Frequent Monitoring of Student Progress: A variety of data is used as the basis for adjusting the instructional approach.

Family and Community Partnerships: Purposeful relationships exist between families, community, and the school. 

 §126-12-3 West Virginia Standards for Effective Schools

State Department of Education Policy 2322 West Virginia System of Support and Accountability